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About us

Who are we?

Digital Ninja - Photography & Design is a Wellington based company created by Shannon Doyle and Mel Keith. Mel is our studio manager, and Shannon is the creative director and shoots the majority of our projects.

We started out as designers and filmmakers around 10yrs ago. Not long after finishing film school we realised that we both preferred photography and Digital Ninja was born. We soon found ourselves shooting weddings and events and absolutely loving the experience. Soon we had clients asking us if we could help with graphic design too - of course we could!

We love to get to know our clients and provide as personalised a service as possible - you are all potential new friends to us! We are proud to be based in Wellington, New Zealand, but love to travel for events too.

Shannon Doyle – Photographer & Designer

The art of photography has captured my attention since childhood. As a kid, I’d always looked at people, looking for those little ‘movie moments’ - those things you remember long after the moment has passed and that bring back all those memories.

Whether that moment is headshot for a website, a wedding with hundreds of guests or wrapping up warmly to keep warm and dry for a bit of landscape photography I am always looking for those special moments.

Mel Keith – Studio Manager & Photographer

Mel Keith is a qualified graphic designer, with many years experience in the graphic design industry. She is also intregal part of organising our shoots and bookings.

Mel is great at organising everything that makes a photography studio work, from shoot time to rental gear, to making sure everyone is looking their best.

Please give us a shout or fire off an email and let's see if we can work together. In the mean time...enjoy our website and have a wonderful day!

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